The Danish author Hal Kochs 'What is democracy' from 1945

In a world where democracy is under pressure and misinformation affects the public debate, we believe that it is necessary to defend and develop democracy and democratic dialogue.

Democracy is the best defense against power arrogance and authoritarian systems. We are concerned that the world's democracies are moving in the wrong direction, where confidence in our politicians and officials is waning and citizens are losing the desire to engage in the development of society.

Stronger democracies through better public communication 

That is why we want to strengthen the core of democracy, the culture of democratic conversation. In 1945, just after World War II, the Danish democracy thinker Hal Koch wrote in a newspaper article, ‘that "It is the conversation (dialogue) and the mutual understanding and respect that is the essence of democracy."

We agree. From that perspective we will work to strengthen the contribution of public authorities to our common, democratic dialogue. That is, the communication that emanates from public ministries, agencies, regions and municipalities.

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