Join us

Life is life

We like life. Quiet mornings, intense meetings, good reads, fixing your bike, and meeting new people. Some days have it all. Others don’t. All days should be meaningful.

That’s why we invite you to be part of fostering a culture at ProPublica that embraces meaningful lives. Your life and the life of the ProPublica team.

A life where you can chip in with an article, spend a few weekly hours fundraising or dedicate a month of your time to develop an event that makes you tick and moves the agenda. And you can do it from Dublin, Warszawa, or Gibraltar. So that your life entails what you want it to.

A life in a team where trust, curiosity, self-awareness and openness are drivers for collaboration. We believe that a common focus is key to exactly that. That’s why we encourage you to experiment, evaluate, give feedback and learn. From each other and from people around us.

Want to take part?

Right now we’re looking for volunteers to join us. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and send a few lines to with your perspective and what you’d like to add to ProPublica.


Here you’ll find job openings as soon as we have the funding in place. We encourage you to NOT include a picture, name, or age in your application to ensure we treat you and everyone else equally regardless of ethnicity, gender, and age.